Should I buy villas or apartments?

This is a never-ending debate of home buyers everywhere should I buy villas or apartments?

Some of the living lifestyles in Karachi are going to change by changing villas to apartments.


The apartment has become the most supplied property type cites in Pakistan.  their popularity is contemporary looks modern-day amenities and batter security no issues pertaining, to water and power supply and also maintenance is taken care of by the developer the apartment is available everywhere you can choose depending on your budget location and other facilities the apartment is batter option for a salaried person.


In case you do not plan to occupy  your apartment immediately you, can rent it and Revoke the burden if you have taken a home loan


when we talk about villas, villas are preferred by those who want the privacy of independent units but also went to avoid the hassle of constructing a home the drawbacks of villas include lack of security power and water backup which is usually well managed by the apartments the capital appreciation might not be as an apartment is because of the high initial capital involved and less demanding terms of security, villas are costly but apartments less costly.